Viviscal Professional

Viviscal Professional is a 100% drug free hair growth supplement that nourishes thinning hair and promotes hair growth. The Viviscal Professional formula consists of the proprietary AminoMar C marine complex, plus a combination of essential nutrients – including Biotin, Vitamin C and Procyanidin B-2).

Hair loss is a common condition in both men and women. Male and female pattern hair loss, also know as androgenetic alopecia, can start at any age and is slowly progressive. Hair loss can also be triggered by stress, illness, genetic factors and certain medical conditions. Early treatment improves and delays further hair loss, and may even reduce the need for invasive procedures such as hair transplant. 

Viviscal professional is suitable for both men and women suffering from hair loss. It can complement existing hair loss therapies.

How does it work?

Viviscal profissional hair growth supplements nourishes hair through 4 stages.

Stage 1: Hair follicles are nourished through the consistent intake of nutrients and marine complexes in each tablet.

Stage 2: Thin and wispy hair is strengthened through increased nourishment.

Stage 3:  Breakage and thinning continues to decline, encouraging increased hair growth.

Stage 4: Hair appears stronger, healthier and more vibrant as nutrients are throughly dispensed. 

Who is not suitable for Viviscal Professional?

Viviscal professional is a 100% drug free supplement that is marine complex derived.

It is not recommended to individuals with allergy to fish, seafood and/or shellfish. It is also not recommended for individuals who are pregnant and breastfeeding.  It is advisable to consult your doctor before you begin any health supplements.

What is AminoMar C™ Marine Complex?

AminoMar C™ is a proprietary marine complex available exclusively in Viviscal® hair growth supplements. In the 1980’s, a professor from Scandinavia discovered that the Inuit people’s great hair and skin was the result of their fish- and protein-rich diet. He isolated the key molecules in their diet and it was from these origins that AminoMar C™ was created.



For the initial 3-6 months, we recommend taking 1 tablet twice a hair for best results. Thereafter, depending on individual response, you may just take 1 tablet a day to maintain healthy hair. The tablets should be taken with water after food. 

Your should notice reduced hair loss  at 3 months, early hair growth at 4-6 months, and more hair showing beyond 6-12 months.


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