Skin Tag Removal Surgery Facts:

Skin tags are harmless growths on the skin. They are more common as you grow older, more prevalent in obese individuals, and may be linked to diabetes. Skin tag removal surgery with a minimal scarring procedure produces the best result and faster healing rate.

About Skin Tags

Skin tags aka Achorchordons are one the most easily recognizable benign skin growths. They are so common, that as much as 50% of the population have them! They begin as very tiny skin growths about a few millimeters, and grow slowly over time. Skin tags tend to be found predominantly over the neck, underarms, eyelids and groin area. Some skin tags can grow really big due to a rich blood supply feeding it.

Skin tags are more apparent as we get older. Some studies have shown that skin tags are linked to obesity, insulin resistance and diabetes. It is therefore important to go for regular health screenings.

While skin tags are benign and harmless skin growths, they can cause irritation and be a cosmetic nuisance. Some patients with skin tags over the neck are unable to wear necklace as the skin tag may be caught between the chains of the necklace, causing pain and much frustration.

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Neck Skin Tags

Skin Tag Removal Surgery

There are various methods for skin tag removal surgery, depending on the size and location. Small skin tags are easily removed with a surgical scissor, whereas larger skin tags may require excision. Other options include freezing (using liquid nitrogen) and laser skin tag removal. We usually numb each skin tag with lidocaine (a local anaesthetic) using a fine 30G needle so that the procedure is painless, and the skin tags are subsequently removed resulting in a very small wound and almost no visible scarring. The base of the removed skin tag is electro-cauterised to seal the blood vessels and minimise bleeding. Skin tag removal surgery is a simple office based procedure that can be done under local anaesthesia.

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