Dysport Dermalift Relaxes Restores Redefines

Why Dysport Dermalift?

Dysport Dermalift is a procedure that is conceptualized to give you natural looking results while retaining facial expression. Every woman is a natural beauty, but like many women, they want to look refreshed while keeping their natural look. In the past, one of the main concerns of many individuals such as actors, newscasters and various professionals seeking botulinum toxin treatment is the concern over the ‘frozen’ look’.  The ‘frozen look’ is undesirable as facial expression is needed for daily communication and interaction. The Dysport Dermalift procedure was crafted to bridge the gap between using sufficient quantities of the botulinum toxin product, and achieving a harmonious, natural and balance look at the same time.

Dysport is a brand name of botulinum toxin A. It works by inhibiting the transmission of the neurotransmitter, acetylcholine between the nerve endings and the target muscle. Micro droplets of botulinum toxin A are introduced into the superficial skin layer to relax wrinkles, lift the skin and reduce pore size.

How can it give me natural results?

Our face is made up of many layers. It is made up of skin, fat, connective tissues, ligaments, muscles and bone. The facial muscle fibres that arise from the bone fans out as it reaches the skin layer, much like a tree branch. Relaxing the muscles in the upper layer of the skin reduces wrinkles, lifts the skin by targeting the antagonistic muscles that pull the involved skin downwards, and reduces pores and oily skin by acting on the sebaceous gland.

Who is suitable for Dysport Dermalift?

The Dysport Dermalift procedure is most suitable for individuals with mild to moderate signs of aging, and with relatively good muscle tone. A holistic approach is conceptualized for every individual to give you the best results.

Individuals with severe signs of aging, severe skin laxity and who are pregnant or breastfeeding are not suitable for the procedure. It is also not indicated in individuals with active nerve or muscle disorders.

Which areas can be improved?

The goal of the Dysport Dermalift procedure is to rejuvenate the face holistically. The treatment is customized and carefully designed for each and every individual. Generally, you can expect improvement in your:

  • Forehead wrinkles
  • Frown lines
  • Wrinkles around the eyes
  • Brow lift
  • Lifted midface
  • Facial Contouring
  • Defined jawline and chin contour
  • Improved neck wrinkles and skin laxity

How soon can I see results?

Most individuals will be able to appreciate subtle changes right after the procedure. Optimal results are apparent by 2 weeks in most cases. We recommend 3 treatments yearly. Most individuals report better and longer results with repeated treatments.

Are there any post procedure effects?

This procedure is associated with almost no downtime. Injection site swelling, redness and discomfort is common and fades within a few hours. Another common post procedure effect is bruising, but this can be minimized by cold packs over the next few days. Less common problems include droopy eyelids, smile asymmetry and allergic reactions.

What should I take note of after the procedure?

It is important that you remain upright for 4 hours after the procedure to avoid drifting of the product into unwanted areas. Do not massage the area for at least a week. We advise avoiding alcohol, hot and spicy food for 72hours after the procedure. Make up can usually be applied the very next day.

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