Duo Power Laser

Two Lasers Combined Pigmentation Removal Lifting & Pore Reduction Fine lines & Wrinkles

Duo Power Laser

Want Clearer & More Youthful Skin at the same time?

The Duo Power Laser Program is powered by an advanced laser treatment to promote skin vitality and health in both men and women.

Today it is possible for you to revitalize, restore and rejuvenate your skin by treating conditions associated with photo ageing such as skin pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, enlarged pores and an uneven skin tone.

The Duo Power Laser Program is effective for all skin types, and is highly customisable to treat specific areas of concern such as around the eyes, cheeks, jowls and neck.

Two Unique Laser Wavelengths

The Duo Power Laser Program uses non-invasive laser technology that synergizes the delivery of two specific wavelengths of laser. It combines the pigment busting effects of the Q-Switched Pigment Focus Laser and the Genesis Laser mode for skin rejuvenation.

The laser works by delivering heat energy into the dermal layer of the skin to stimulate collagen synthesis, organization and remodeling. This improves fine lines, wrinkles, skin tone and laxity.

The Duo Power Laser Program also target pigments (melanin) that can be found either in the superficial or deeper layers of the skin, paving the way for clearer and more radiant skin.

What is Genesis Laser?

Genesis Laser mode is powered by the quasi-long pulsed 1064nm Nd:YAG Laser. This wavelength of laser penetrates deeply into the skin to stimulate collagen remodelling and contraction, giving you firmer and more elastic skin.

Precise laser energy delivery

Deep dermal stimulation

Enhances Collagen Remodeling

Firms Skin, Reduces Wrinkles, Minimizes Pores

How many sessions will I need?

Individuals vary in their skin type, colour and skin condition. The number of laser session and improvement will vary among individuals as we differ in our response to treatment and our healing capacity.

For mild cases, an average of 5 laser sessions is recommended. For moderate to severe cases, 5-10 laser sessions is needed for better results.

How long do I need to recover?

Although most individuals are able to resume normal daily activities after the procedure, some may experience mild redness that typically fades away within a day. 

When some specific pigment areas are treated, you may expect some swelling, redness and scabbing, which will heal within a weak.

You are advised to sun proof your skin by using a good sunblock regularly and practice good sun protection habits.

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