Botox Jaw Reduction

Masseter Reduction

The ideal V Shape Face is oval or heart-shaped, with a sharper lower face being more desirable. A bulky lower face giving the appearance of squareness may be due to bone, muscle or fat. Lower facial recontouring can be achieved if the masseter muscles are enlarged (hypertrophy). Masseter hypertrophy can be genetic (more common in Asians), lifestyle factors (e.g. habitual chewing of nuts) and can be associated with a medical condition such as bruxism. 

botox face slimming treatment in Singapore

3 Factors to Consider for V Shape Face

The three components that make a face more V shape and attractive are:

  1. Reducing the facial angle 
  2. A refined jaw line
  3. A well-proportioned and projected chin
masseter reduction with botox in Singapore

How does Botox Jaw Treatment work?

The main action of botulinum toxin treatment is to inhibit activation of the masseter muscles. A period of muscle inactivity will lead to muscle atrophy (smaller muscle mass). This reduces the facial angle and gives rise to a slimmer and more contoured lower face over time. There are some studies to suggest that the weakened masseter muscles will lead to changes in the mandibular bone. This means that the dramatic effects from this treatment are not only due to a reduction in muscle bulk, but also changes in the jaw bone structure. 

How Is The Procedure Done?

After a consultation, a clinical examination will be carried out to determine suitability for the procedure. You will be asked to clench your teeth to accentuate the masseter muscles on both sides. After cleansing the area, and applying numbing cream, 3-5 injections are placed into the bulkiest portion of the masseter muscles. You are advised not to lie down for 4 hours post-procedure, avoid alcohol for 72 hours, and repeatedly clench your teeth for 20 minutes after the procedure to maximise the treatment effects.

How long do the results lasts?

Most individuals will be able to notice modest results by 6 weeks. The results lasts for at least 6 months, but varies among individuals. It is important to reduce excessive and habitual chewing so that you get longer lasting results. Repeated treatments will bring about longer results as the muscles are already weakened.

How many units do you use?

We have a variety of botulinum toxins that can be used effectively for facial slimming. There is very little clinical difference between the major brands in terms of treatment results, and longevity of effect.  The amount of units injected will depend on your masseter muscle bulk. For individuals starting the procedure for the first time, we advise starting with a moderate amount. This will achieve good results in the majority of cases.

To get an idea of how much botulinum toxin we use, here is a rough guide. For Botox brand, we use on average 24-30 units per side. For Dysport brand, we use about on average 60-75 units per side. The amount varies from person to person. Generally, men and individuals with moderately-severe masseter hypertrophy would require more units.

Are there any side effects?

The Botox jaw reduction treatment is a non-surgical procedure which is safely performed in the clinic setting. Mild and temporary swelling, redness and bruising will subside in a matter of days. You may notice some weakness of chewing, especially foods of hard consistency, but this is often mild. Uncommon side effects that may be encountered include smile asymmetry. This usually happens if too much botulinum toxin is injected. We advise a gradual approach for individuals new to the procedure.

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