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Inflammatory Acne

How Common Is Acne?

Approximately 80-85% of teenagers and adults aged 12-24 years of age will have acne during their lifetime according to the American Academy of Dermatology. Adult onset acne is also getting more prevalent, we are seeing more adults, especially women in their 20s, 30s, and 40s seeking help with their acne condition. The psychological effects of acne cannot be underestimated. Many young adults experience low self esteem; and may grow long hair to cover their face, or even wear heavy make up to camouflage the acne. During the school years, some young adults may experience bullying and find it hard to form relationships. Left untreated, acne can reduce employment opportunities and may even lead to more serious psychological illness such as depression.


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As a clinician with more than 15 years of experience, Dr Ng. understands the impact of how acne can affect an individual. Acne knows no boundaries, afflicting a wide range of age groups and affecting both genders for varying lengths of time. Dr. Ng provides a patient-centric approach that is backed by the latest scientific evidence as well as his own wealth of experience to create a care plan for the best acne treatment that is unique to your skin type. Early intervention can help prevent acne scars, restore your skin and confidence.

Facts About Acne

Acne affects 88% of teenagers aged 13 to 19 years.

Even 58% with mild acne will develop acne scars

>50% are rarely comfortable with their acne

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Inflammatory Acne Vulgaris with papules, pustules and comedomes

What Is Acne?

Acne is a skin disorder that involves the oil secreting sebaceous glands and hair follicle, which is influenced by hormones. Together with trapped skin cells, this creates an environment for inflammation and infection (by the P.acnes bacteria) to take place. Acne is considered a chronic inflammatory skin condition, which means your acne may lasts for many years if not treated effectively.

Fortunately, there are now many clinically effective acne treatments in Singapore that are available. Acne is best treated early to minimise scarring. However bad your acne may seem, there are now effective treatments today to help you regain your skin back to health. At our APAX Medical and Aesthetics Clinic, most patients are enrolled into our acne program. ACNE is an acronym for: Act, Control, Nourish, Empower.

4 factors leading to acne treatment success


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Acne severity grading

An initial consultation is the first step to getting your skin back into shape. During the consultation, you might be asked about the duration of your acne, what treatments you may have tried in the past, and your routine skin care regime. The information provided allows us the opportunity to understand your skin type better e.g. dry, sensitive or combination skin types.

An examination of your skin to determine the predominant acne subtype, distribution and severity is the next step during the assessment phase. Taking your history and examination findings together, a more accurate diagnosis of your acne severity, acne subtype and skin type will help us greatly to guide the best acne treatment for you.


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what are the acne Treatment Goals?

The goal of acne treatment in Singapore are to firstly to tackle the active acne outbreak. You need to take control of your acne as soon as possible because long-standing acne increases the risk of permanent scarring. Once we bring the initial acne flare or outbreak under control, we will focus on maintaining healthy skin so that the chance of another nasty outbreak is minimized. At APAX Medical & Aesthetics Clinic, we treat the whole spectrum of Acne Vulgaris using scientifically validated medical treatments, and at the same time customising treatments to suit your needs and lifestyle. Importantly, first read about the realities and expectations of your acne treatment in Singapore.


What are the different types of Acne?

For mild cases of comedomal acne, blackheads and whiteheads; we will prescribe you with a retinoid based product. Retinoids are an excellent choice, and clinically proven to treat whiteheads, blackheads, and inflammation associated with acne. Moderate acne vulgaris may require combination of oral and topical treatments for more effective results. In cases of severe or cystic acne, we may even consider oral isotretinoin, a Vitamin A based medicine, which gives dramatic results within a few weeks of treatment. 

In certain circumstances, such as hormonal acne, which is getting more prevalent in adult women, we may consider hormonal therapies such as spironolactone. For pregnancy associated acne vulgaris, you should be aware that there are safe and clinically sound treatments available as well. For those looking for drug-free acne treatments, either because of allergy to medication, side effects or unsuitability for medications, we offer non-laser as well as laser acne treatments.

Acne Cyst
Acne Nodule
Deep, painful, pus-filled lesions
Large, solid, painful
Small raised red or pus-filled bumps
Black or skin coloured bumps

What Acne Treatments Are Available?


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Skin care is fundamental towards healthier skin

Why skin care is important?

Our skin is the largest organ in the human body. Healthy skin provides a barrier to infections, maintains hydration and plays an crucial role to protect the skin cells from the environmental elements. Proper skin care is key to remove impurities, maintain and protect the integrity of the skin barrier, and shield the skin from harmful UV rays.

Cleansing is essential to remove excess dead skin, dirt and sebum from the skin surface. It is a common myth that acne is a result of too much ‘dirt’, and this often leads to over cleansing. Our skin has natural oils on its surface. Overzealous cleansing will strip this natural oil from the skin, and lead to overcompensated sebum production. Frequently, we come across many individuals who fear the use of skin care products as they have experience  a worsening of their acne. 

What products should you use?

When it comes to daily skin care, especially for acne prone skin, you need to look out for products that are non-comedogenic, non-acnegenic, and oil-free. Our in-house range of affordable skin care products are specially formulated with selected ingredients for all skin types. We carry a range of cleansers, moisturisers, and sunscreens that many acne prone skin users find useful incorporating in their daily skin care regime. 


We believe that every individual can be empowered though education to take control of their own skin. Taking care of your skin and fighting acne is best taken from a holistic approach. We must recognise that certain lifestyle factors can precipitate or even perpetuate your acne. Modifying some of these lifestyle habits can facilitate your recovery and bring even greater results.

We act as an advocate to advise and counsel individuals to optimise their skin health. Once the initial acne flare has subsided, it is vital to remain acne free. There are studies to show that maintenance acne treatment reduces the precursor acne lesions (called micro-comedomes: tiny whiteheads that is not perceptible to feel and touch). We provide a variety of acne treatments that can keep acne at bay so that you can enjoy healthy skin all the time.

healthy acne free skin in both men and women

Key Acne Clinic Treatment Strategies

Renew Skin

Remove and prevent comedogenic formation

Control Sebum

Diminishes one of the key factors contributing to acne formation

Extinguish Inflammation

Reduce redness, swelling and discomfort

Fight C.acnes

Eradication of Cutibacterium acnes bacteria

Acne is one of the most common dermatological conditions in clinical practice. At APAX Medical & Aesthetics Clinic, we focus on early intervention to reduce acne scarring and to help you achieve clearer and healthier skin. With over 15 years of clinical experience and a commitment to delivering quality care to thousands of patients, Dr. Moses Ng will be ready to assist you in identifying the optimal acne treatment options. When you visit our distinguished acne treatment clinic, you can trust Dr. Ng's expertise to guide you towards the best acne treatment in Singapore, tailored to your individual needs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Acne Clinic Singapore

At APAX Medical & Aesthetics Clinic , we are dedicated to providing the highest standard of care and expertise in acne treatment, driven by our core values of compassion, innovation, and excellence. We offer personalized and comprehensive solutions tailored to each individual’s unique skin needs.

Compassion: We understand the physical and emotional impact that acne can have on our patients. We committed to creating a supportive and understanding environment where patients feel heard, respected, and cared for. We prioritize patient education and clear communication, ensuring that every individual is fully informed and involved in their treatment plan.

Innovation: At our clinic, we embrace the latest advancements in dermatological science and technology to provide cutting-edge treatments that deliver effective and lasting results. We continuously invest in state-of-the-art equipment and stay abreast of emerging research and techniques in acne management. Our innovative approach allows us to offer a diverse range of treatments, from topical therapies and medical-grade facials to laser treatments and customized skincare regimens.

Excellence: Our commitment to excellence is reflected in every aspect of our practice. From the initial consultation to post-treatment care, we maintain the highest standards of professionalism, hygiene, and patient safety. Our team undergoes regular training and professional development to ensure that we provide the most current and effective acne treatments available. We take pride in our meticulous attention to detail and our dedication to achieving optimal outcomes for every patient.

Individuals of all ages who are struggling with acne or related skin conditions, such as acne scars or cystic acne, may benefit from visiting an acne clinic. Whether dealing with mild, moderate, or severe acne, seeking professional help can provide personalized treatment options and guidance.

Our acne treatment clinic works closely with each patient to customise an acne care regimen optimised for their particular situation. No two patients are exactly alike, and we strive to take the various factors, such as age, gender, type of acne, pigmentation, scarring, location of acne-back, face, chest, etc.—and take other medical conditions into account when we treat patients. We believe that a comprehensive approach to acne treatment translates to enhanced outcomes for our patients.

There are many good reasons why you should treat your acne early. Early intervention reduces acne inflammation, reduces acne scarring potential and improves the quality of your life.

This depends on the severity of your condition, individual response and tolerance to the treatment. Most individuals will notice visible improvements by 6-8 weeks of treatment. Treatment of acne is a long process, can feel frustrating and challenging. However, with perseverance and a good treatment plan, most individuals will achieve clearer skin.

Acne is considered a chronic inflammatory skin condition. Although there is no cure for acne, advances in medical treatment make it possible for most individuals to have clear to almost clear skin most of the time.

Although most adolescent will experience acne and grow out of it, there is a significant proportion of adult onset acne or persistent acne from their teenage years. Regardless of your age and acne condition, there are several treatment options available to help you achieve healthy skin.

Absolutely. Although the range of acne treatment options are reduced, there are safe acne treatments to reduce the discomfort associated with acne. It is best to speak to your doctor regarding the treatment options.

Consultations are strictly by appointment only. Please with call us at +65 6769 6007 or Whatsapp 9866 3022.

Yes, one of the advantages of visiting an acne clinic is that treatments can be tailored to the individual’s unique needs, skin type, and treatment goals. Skincare professionals will assess the skin condition, discuss treatment options, and develop a personalized treatment plan to address specific concerns.

Reputable acne clinics can be found by researching dermatologists, doctors, or skincare clinics that specialize in acne treatment. Reading reviews, checking credentials, and scheduling consultations with healthcare providers can help determine the best option for your needs.

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Acne is one of the most common inflammatory skin conditions to afflict mankind. Increasingly, I am seeing more adult onset acne cases that many find frustrating because they have never had acne in the past. In addition, many young adults are unaware that that there are effective treatments for acne. The message for treating acne is clear. Treat acne early. Early treatment clears acne faster and protects the skin against scars.

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We treat a range of acne and acne scars at both our clinics in Woodlands and Kovan. Contact us today to schedule a consultation, so that Dr. Ng can develop a personalized treatment approach for resolving your skin concerns and helping you to achieve long-term improvements in the health and appearance of your skin.

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