Acne Scar Removal
Did you know that mixed Atrophic Scarring is the most common scar subtype? Whatever the scar type, we have a range of treatment solutions for you.
pico laser pigmentation
Picosecond Laser
Do you know how fast one Pico second is? Picosecond lasers deliver high power and ultra fast pulses to target unwanted pigments within your skin.
genius rf acne scars
Genius RF Acne Scars
The Genius acne scars treatment delivers precise energy within your skin leading to better healing and scar resurfacing.
profhilo treatment singapore
Profhilo Bio-remodeller
Restores, lifts and hydrates your skin from within
Milia Seed Removal
Milia is the build-up of keratin that forms small cyst-like structures within the skin. Milias can be effectively and permanently removed with minimal downtime and discomfort.
Acne Clinic Singapore
Did you know that even mild acne can lead to scarring? Whether you have mild or severe acne, we have a solution for you.
Underarm Whitening Laser
Underarm whitening laser treatment with Picosecond laser to improve the appearance of dark underarms caused by pigmentation.
Clear Acne
Get rid of stubborn acne today with any one of our treatments!
best adult female acne treatment in Singapore
INFINI Transform Acne Scars
INFINI System delivers high intensity focused radio frequency energy to resurface skin, stimulate collagen and remodel the skin architecture.
botox jaw reduction singapore
BTX Jaw Reduction
Non-surgical masseter reduction with long -lasting results

Premier Aesthetic Clinic in Singapore

With more than 15 years of clinical experience, Dr. Moses Ng is an elected member of American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery.

Dr Moses Ng of APAX Medical & Aesthetics Clinic

Accredited with an M.B.B.S Distinction from London, Dr. Moses Ng also attained a Postgraduate Diploma in Practical Dermatology with Distinction. With more than 15 years of clinical experience and treating thousands of patients, his passion is in Advance Acne Treatment, Acne Scar Revision and Laser Surgery. Dr. Moses Ng is an elected member of the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery, the world’s largest professional organization dedicated to promoting excellence in patient care by advancing laser and other energy-based technologies. He is also a member of the prestigious American Acne and Rosacea Society, which is dedicated to research, patient care, and professional education. He continues to serve a tutorship in the Dermatology Programme at the University of Cardiff.

APAX Medical & Aesthetics Clinic

APAX Medical is a well-established medical aesthetics clinic located in Singapore, with a specialised focus on advanced acne skin care, aesthetic dermatology, and skin surgery. Our medical aesthetic clinic goes beyond mere product provision and treatments, continually striving to provide services rooted in empathy and integrity while also ensuring that our treatments are affordably priced to cater to all.

Signature Treatments

Acne Clinic Singapore | Apax Medical & Aesthetics Clinic

Acne Clinic Singapore

We believe in treating acne actively by adopting a holistic approach. Backed with years of clinical experience and evidence-based methodology, we have crafted specialised affordable acne treatment plans for various types of acne. We collaborate closely with our patients to give them the best possible results, ensuring that every step of their journey at our medical aesthetics clinic is personalised and effective.

Genius Acne Scars Removal

Our skin clinic in Singapore proudly offers The Genius Acne Scars treatment that uses advanced micro needling fractional radio-frequency technology to resurface skin. Dermal remodelling, collagen and elastin production leads to improvement in acne scars, pores, skin tone and laxity. A customisable treatment that is safe for all skin types.

Fractional Pico laser for Acne Scars

Experience the expertise of our renowned skin specialist clinic with the transformative Fractional Pico laser treatment for acne scars. The laser treatment utilises a unique handpiece that is able to split the laser into microbeams. Delivering ultra-short laser pulses, this creates new collagen and elastin within your skin. Over time, you will notice an improvement in your acne scar appearance.

Acne and Acne Scars

Bespoke Aesthetic Treatments


Understanding your needs, lifestyle and goals to craft a holistic plan that is always in your best interest.


FDA approved lasers and medical devices to deliver effective and superior results.


No hidden cost. Full financial counselling to work around your budget.


Collaborative consultation to serve you better. Always Available, Able & Affable.


Harmonising art with science with a focus on natural looking results that brings out the best in you.


Friendly team that listens, advises and supports you each step of the way. Your success is our reward.


Advanced Acne Treatment

Aesthetic Treatments

Dermatology Conditions

Precision Skin Surgery

Overview of Clinic Services

  • Active Acne Treatments
    fr $90
    Acne treatment with topical and/or oral medications
  • Skin Surgery
    fr $350
    Mole removal, Milia seed removal & Skin tag removal
  • Hydra Plus Facial
    fr $221.4
    Deep cleansing, exfoliation and hydration
  • HIFU
    fr $546
    High intensity focused ultrasound for skin tightening
  • Carbon Peel Laser
    fr $252
    Advanced laser acne treatment
    fr $350
    Freckles, Age spots, Acne Marks & Melasma
  • Subcision
    fr $450
    Atrophic Acne Scars, Rolling Scars, Chickenpox Scars
  • TCA Cross
    fr $320
    Deep pitted, Ice Pick Scars