V Face Slimming Treatments


V Face Slimming- Ideal Facial Shape

The ideal female facial shape is oval or heart-shaped, with a sharper lower face being more desirable. A bulky lower face giving the appearance of squareness may be due to bone, muscle or fat. Lower facial recontouring can be achieved if the masseter muscles are enlarged (hypertrophy). Masseter hypertrophy can be genetic (more common in Asians), lifestyle factors (e.g. habitual chewing of nuts) and can be associated with some medical conditions such as bruxism. Today, you can now achieve that desirable look with V face slimming treatments.


What makes a V Shape Face?

The three components that make a face more V shape and attractive are:

  1. Reducing the facial angle 
  2. A refined jaw line
  3. A well proportioned and projected chin

Botulinum Toxin Treatments

A heavy lower face which is due masseter hypertrophy (the muscles at the side of your face), is common in the Asian population. There are several reasons for this:

  • Genetic component (common in Asians)
  • Chewing Habits (e.g. dried foodstuffs, nuts)
  • Bruxism (repetitive grinding and clenching of teeth at night)

Treatment with botulinum toxins into the masseter muscles improves facial beauty by altering the facial width and converting the face to a more youthful V shaped face.

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Chin Fillers

The chin is the most prominent aspect of the lower face and jaw, and appreciating both frontal and profile views before treatment is essential. Bony and underlying soft tissue loss as the result of aging causes the chin to go unsupported and to recede backwards.

Contouring the chin with fillers enhances chin projection and shape. The results are visible after the procedure, downtime is minimal, with long lasting results of up to 2 years.

Neck & Jawline

V Face Thread Lift

Facelift Thread lifting to the jaw and upper neck area can help to create an elegant jawline. Thread lifting uses biocompatible materials that is is introduced under the skin in a specific direction and depth leads to skin lifting and collagen stimulation.

Thread lifting procedure has minimal downtime and you can expect long lasting results with repeated treatments.

Botulinum Toxin

Masseter Reduction
$ 599 per session
  • V Shape Face
  • Natural Looking Results
  • Almost no downtime

Fillers Treatment

Chin Augmentation
$ 749 per session
  • Improves Chin Projection
  • Natural Looking Results
  • Minimal downtime

V Face Threadlift

Facial Lift | Collagen Stimulation
$ 1600 onwards
  • Jawline and Upper Neck Threadlift
  • Vector lifting & Collagen Stimulation
  • Minimal downtime

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