Acne vulgaris is a chronic inflammatory condition of the sebaceous glands and hair follicles. Acne can be a frustrating experience. It can lead to redness, pus formation, and scarring if left untreated.

The Acne Laser Program is comprehensive treatment to control inflammatory acne vulgaris, blackheads, whiteheads and acne marks (pigmented & red scars).

The Carbon Peel Laser reduces inflammation, shrinks pores and minimises oil secretion. In addition, harnessing the power of the Q-Switch & Pulse Dye Laser System, the program comes with spot treatment of hyperpigmentation and red acne marks that are often the result of inflammed acne.



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Acne Laser Steps

carbon peel laser helps reduce acne and pores

#1 Fights

The Carbon Peel Laser delivers photo-thermal energy to target acne, shrink oil glands and exfoliate skin

Laser removal of acne and acne marks

#2 Clears

Improve the appearance of acne marks and scars using FDA approved Q-switch laser technology

treats erythema from acne marks

#3 Calms

The Pulse Dye Laser reduces redness by focusing laser energy to target blood and inflammation in the skin

hydrate your skin with mask from korea

#4 Hydrates

Nourish your skin post treatment with our hydrating and calming mask from Korea


  • Treats acne vulgaris, blackheads & whiteheads
  • Shrinks pores and renews skin layer.
  • Improves pigmented acne scars
  • Reduces redness associated with acne
  • Minimal to no downtime procedure
  • Effective & safe for all skin types

Number of Session: 8

SGD 2800 ( SGD 2996 w/gst)

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