Laser Treatments and Acne


Laser Treatments and Acne

Acne marks, blemishes and skin discolourations are commonly encountered once your acne has resolved. They can take the form of dark marks, called pigmented acne marks, or red acne marks. Laser treatments and acne treatments are safe, effective and affordable.

Pigmented acne marks are due to a built of of melanin within the skin, whereas red acne scars are a result of inflammation and blood vessels within the scarred area. Most of these conditions take several months to resolve on their own. Laser treatment utilises a specific wavelength to precisely treat these conditions.

Laser treatments and acne management firstly focuses on  controlling the active stages of acne, reducing inflammation with maintenance treatments, and finally treating acne scars once the condition has stabilised.

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Laser treatment for Pigmented Acne Scars

Acne marks can appear as brown blemishes on the skin as the acne resolves. This is called post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH), and is more common in individuals with a darker skin type. PIH may takes at least 9-12 months to resolve on its own.

The treatment of PIH involves protecting your skin against too much UV light. Lightening creams may be effective in some cases.

For resistant cases of PIH, Lasers to remove pigmentation is the next step. The Laser Pigment Removal Program is effective at targeting  the melanin in the skin, reducing the appearance of pigmentation over time. Multiple treatments are needed to give the best results.

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Laser treatment for Red Acne Scars

Red acne scars are commonly seen once the acne process has resolved, leaving behind a flat pink to red mark on the skin's surface. This is called post-inflammatory erythema (PIE), and occurs due to an increase of blood vessel supply to the area. PIE may take several months to fade away.

The Facial Redness Laser treatment uses a special laser of 585mm wavelength, that specifically targets the haemoglobin within the red scar area. This reduces the blood vessel supply to the scarred area and the appearance of redness in a much shorter time. The Scarlet Red

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Can Lasers be used on dark skin?

Lasers are highly specific in their treatment in a wide range of dermatological conditions. The specific wavelength of laser used ensures that collateral damage to the surrounding skin is minimized. 

Laser treatments and acne scar management are safe in all skin types, even in darker skin individuals. However, we advise sun protection and the regular use of a sunblock when on a Laser program.

How long does it take for me to recover after Laser treatment?

With current laser technology, social downtime is minimal. The procedure is virtually painless, and well-tolerated by most individuals.

There may be slight swelling or redness to the treated area, which fades quickly in a matter of days.

Make up can usually be applied the very next day.

How many treatment session would I need to see improvement?

This depends on your scar type, skin type and healing capacity.

Generally, 4-8 treatment sessions may be required to see the best results.

It is vital to treat any existing acne at the same time, otherwise the acne scars would just reappear once the treated ones have healed.


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Treatments combined with Laser for acne scars

Laser treatments and acne scars revision technique can be effectively combined to create a synergistic effect. The most common type of acne scarring is mixed acne scarring. Matching the different acne scar types with specific treatments is important. We often combine subcision, TCA CROSS, dermal fillers and INFINI Acne Scars Resurfacing to deliver the best results.


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