Aesthetic Treatments

Asian woman patient on laser procedure skin resurfacing in aesthetic medicine

Pigment Focus Laser

Laser focused treatment for freckles, age spots, melasma, birthmarks and acne marks...


Duo Power Laser

Laser for pigmentation and Non-surgical skin tightening...

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Crystal Peel Laser

The Crystal Peel Laser is a 3 step process for clearer skin, acne prone skin and has anti-ageing effects.


Facial Redness Laser

Treats background skin redness, rosacea, acne marks and facial flushing.


Laser Tattoo Removal

Non-invasive laser specific tattoo removal that is effective for all skin types

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INFINI Skin Tightening

New high intensity fractional treatment to lift, tighten and tone skin.

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BTX Wrinkles

Natural looking results to reclaim your youth.

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Restore Redefine Reimagine


V Face Slimming

Get that desired V shape face with natural looking results.


Skin Boosters水光针

Get your skin to shine with deep hydration

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Nose Threadlift

Enhance your nose proportions naturally

close up young beautiful asian woman face

Facelift Thread Lifting

Reverse the signs of Ageing with long lasting results

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Hydra Plus+ Facial

Reclaim your skin

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Stretch Marks

Non-surgical treatments for stretch marks

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